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7. – 10. and 12. – 14. July 2018, 20:00

This summer, the Bonn University Shakespeare Company stages one of Shakespeare’s greatest classics: Hamlet.
But what is this big tale actually about?

To Be or not to Be, a skull, and a sombre, reluctant Hamlet are probably the first associations. But there is so much more behind the tragedy of fratricide and revenge!
With music, projections and a focus on the interpersonal conflicts, we want to turn the attention to the true question of the play:

What does it mean to be human? How do we react to sorrow, betrayal, fear and desperation?

How differently people can react is the core of the story about the gloomy prince.
In this modern interpretation, we want to make the play accessible and understandable for modern audiences, without neglecting the beautiful Shakespearean original lines.