Invitation: General Meeting

After a successful run of Twelfth Night, we now need a new production! That is why we cordially invite everyone to the General Meeting: Wednesday, July 30th, at 7:30 PM, at the Institut für Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Keltologie of Bonn University, Regina-Pacis-Weg 5, Room A on the first floor. After reviewing Twelfth Night, the potential plays for the winter production will be presented, and afterwards chosen by vote. We will also discuss miscellaneous other points.
If anyone would like to propose a production, please write to the Committee until July 26th: Later proposals will also be accepted, of course, but this will make the organisation of the General Meeting much easier.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Last chance to see Twelfth Night!

Twelfth Night

Last chance! Come and see us for William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night! Find all information on the play, dates and tickets here.


2 days to go: Twelfth Night premiere

Only two days to go until the premiere of Twelfth Night. Join us for this awesome party – there is a reason why Shakespeare’s play is also titled What You Will! Tickets, dates and all other info can be found here.

Our photographer Eva-Lotte Hill has already joined the party, and she brought back some snapshots of Illyria’s high society. Enjoy!

Photos of the Main Rehearsal (alle photos © Eva-Lotte Hill)

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Stammtisch: Join us for a BBQ

Our next Stammtisch is happening! Thursday, June 19th. As it seems as if the weather will behave, we will have a BBQ at the Alten Zoll, starting at 6 PM. Please do come by – we would love to get to know you, and we are sure there are people here whom you would love to get to know, too.


looking back on Theaternacht 2014

Keep calm, you can still marry Harry. The Theaternacht 2014 is over, and was a great success for the BUSC! NIPPLEJESUS, directed by Sebastian Klement, sold out both performances, at the same time that the Kneipe of the Brotfabrik had to close its doors because it was full to the bursting for the second performance of LOST … AND TRANSLATIONS, directed by Daniela Elter. Reviews called the piece “wonderfully bizarre, playing with dialects and accents, that one would like to see more of in the future.”

You didn’t have a chance to be there, or want to relive those glorious memories? Enjoy our photos!

Nipplejesus_Anne Nipplejesus_Chris01 Nipplejesus_Chris02 Nipplejesus_Chris03 Nipplejesus_Chris04 Nipplejesus_Chris05 Nipplejesus_Chris06 Nipplejesus_Set Nipplejesus_Chris07

photos © Eva-Lotte Hill


Rita Petra Murali Jade Giovanni Chantalle Destiny Bob Arizona Cecilia Alberto

photos © Daniela Elter