For the last time: Patrick Marber’s Closer, “a stroke of genius”

Who wants to see what the Bonner Generalanzeiger has called a “stroke of genius”? We will perform Closer by Patrick Marber for the last time on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th April: at the Brotfabrik, 8 PM. Find all information and on how to get tickets here. Do come by – at least Alice and Larry are ready for you …

Chris Karpenchuk und Esther Takats

Larry (Chris Karpenchuk) and Alice (Esther Takats)

Foto © Eva-Lotte Hill.



At this year’s Theaternacht, the BUSC brings two productions to the the stage(s) of the Brotfabrik:


8.15 PM – 8.35 PM / 10.45 PM – 11.05 PM | Kulturkneipe
It’s the year 2014. All the world speaks English – well, more or less. On their way through London, several tourists from all over the world lose their way and find themselves stranded in a bar. Thrown together by mutual fate and limited seating, they soon experience that every culture speaks its own English …
Director Daniela Elter


9 PM – 9.40 PM / 11.15 PM – 11.55 PM | Theaterstudio
by Nick Hornby
The ex-nightclub bouncer Dave takes a job as a security guard in a modern art gallery. He, who cannot remember having ever entered a museum, is to watch over a work that is causing a stir and indignation: a picture titled „Nipple Jesus“. Just the beginning of a game set up between artist and the public.
With Chris Karpenchuk | Director Sebastian Klement

During the Theaternacht, the drama ensembles of Bonn will perform on all sorts of stages all over the city all day long. All information can be found on the website of the Bonner Theaternacht. Come and join us!


Closer: photos and a review

On February 21st, our production of Closer premiered at the Brotfabrik. In his review of the play, the Generalanzeiger Bonn calls the show a “stroke of genius”: “Die BUSC-Schauspieler haben mit “Closer” einen Geniestreich abgeliefert.”
Fancy seeing it after all (or once more)? There will be two additional performances on April 25th and 26th at the Brotfabrik. Find all information and on how to get tickets here. If you are more the type for visual input, we strive to please: Our excellent photographer Eva-Lotte Hill went to the dress rehearsal of Closer and brought back pictures. Enjoy!

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All photos © Eva-Lotte Hill.


Twelfth Night: update show times

The show times of our summer production Twelfth Night have changed to accommodate anyone who might be interested in watching the Football World Championship in Brazil this year. We will be performing on
3rd July, 5th July, 6th July, 7th July, 8th July and 10th July.

If you want to know more about our summer production, check out What’s On..


New summer production and new committee!

Yesterday we elected a new committee, as well as our new summer production 2014. Our new head of committee is none other than Peter Schild, founding member of the BUSC! Muna Zubedi will be responsible for finances, and Anne Nickel is our new secretary. Thomas Pähler and Sebastian Klement will be taking care of publication and PR issues, and our brilliant costumes and stage will again be managed by Christine Eßling and Anthea Petermann. And don’t you know it, there’s going to be a new challenge for them, because we have a new summer production: William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night“, directed by new member Nastassja Kastratovic.

As always you can find all the important information regarding casting, show dates etc. here on our website in the What’s on-area.