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4 09

The Faeries & Tales Tour

19:00 Uhr I Grüne Spielstadt Dransdorf, An der schwarzen Brücke, 53121 Bonn
Princesses and fairies, witches and woodland creatures – all have flocked in droves to the Palace for the event of the century: The Royal Wedding of Prince Charming and Princess Tiffany. The commemorative plates have been printed in the thousands and an army of bobble heads is standing at the ready, eagerly awaiting the flood of hard-earned tourist cash.
The floral arrangements are arranged. The cake is baked.
The bachelorette party has been partied.
Just one small thing is missing now. The. Bride.
Did Princess Tiffany just get cold feet? Or are more sinister forces at play? And what does the ancient prophecy about True Love have to do with everything? These are just some of the questions that Fairy-PD Inspector Boggart will have to face on the journey that will make or break her career. A journey that will lead her from the opulent Palace deep into the seedy criminal underbelly of Fairyland.
With just her wits and starry eyed Cadet Mabel at her side, will Boggart achieve the impossible and walk the Lost Princess down the aisle in time?
Or will the cancelled wedding cast Fairyland into chaos?
Join us for a night of princesses and prophecies.
Join us for a night of murder and mystery.
Join us for the “Faeries & Tales” Tour.
September 4, 19:00
September 5, 13:00
September 5, 18:00
September 6, 18:00
Grüne Spielstadt Dransdorf
Tickets only available at the evening box office.
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