The Master and Margarita

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8 – 9 & 11 – 14 July 2016

Stalinism, talking cats and a despairing couple – this summer the Bonn University Shakespeare Company (BUSC) dedicates itself to a magical russian fantasy satire.

The Master, a young writer, publishes a novel about pontius pilate – and has to learn that this topic isn’t well received in the 1930ies Moscow. Religion is banned and freedom of expression isn’t very highly valued. Desperatedly, he admits himself into an insane asylum – and leaves his lover behind. But suddenly, something marvellous happens: A curious stranger appears in Moscow, accompanied by a band of demons. It is the devil himself, looking for an escort to a ball. In the meantime, his footmen lay waste to the city…

This play is a declaration of love to the freedom of expression, to imagination – because that is stronger than any dictatorship.


Copyright: Ronny Bittner