Bonner Theaternacht 2015

2015 beteiligte sich die BUSC mit drei – mehr oder weniger englischsprachigen – Beiträgen an der Theaternacht: Im Theatersaal fasste der 15 Minute Hamlet Shakespeares bekanntestes Stück auf unkonventionelle Weise zusammen. Als Teilnehmer an der Villains and Victims Tour konnten die Zuschauer in den entlegensten Winkel der Brotfabrik auf berühmte Bösewichte und ihre ebenso berühmten Opfer treffen. Am späteren Abend fand schließlich in der Brotfabrikkneipe die aufsehenerregende Castingshow Bonn‘s Next Supercast statt, bei der sich der DEnglisch-Wahnsinn seinen Weg brach.


15 Minute Hamlet

Come and see Shakespeare’s most famous play ‘Hamlet’ in an exciting and abridged format by the award winning British writer and playwright Tom Stoppard. It brings the tragic story of the Prince of Denmark to life at high velocity. All the iconic memorable moments remain, from the ghost of the dead king’s apparition through Hamlet’s famous descent into madness, and its murderous denouement.  The language of this play is Shakespeare’s own and remains true to the Bard… ‘there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark’ but nothing rotten in this show!


Villains and Victims Tour 2015

Meet the greatest, most devilish characters of theatre! For decades now the Brotfabrik has been home to the Bonn University Shakespeare Company. But years and years of gory plays don’t go by without leaving their mark. Join us on a guided tour through the sacred walls and find out who stayed behind and is still lurking in the shadows!

 Where do we start? You’ll meet Dr. Adalbert Allington – the BUSC’s very own expert for architectural attractions – in the Brotfabrik‘s foyer. With deep knowledge and exceptional wit he is going to guide you through the unknown facilities of Bonn’s famous cultural centre. On the way, you might stumble upon a few well-known figures that you recognize from former BUSC plays. But remember: Do not provoke the grim looking ones!


Bonn´s Next Supercast

The directress Diddi Desperada desperately needs an english-speaking cast for her new project. But nowadays the casting process itself has to fulfill the high standards of shallow entertainment and questionable values, right? How fortunate that Heidi and Bruce are in town to offer their support with their professional help and excellent DEnglish skills… Come and join us for their show of “Bonn’s Next Supercast”.

Theater in DEnglischer Sprache