Faeries & Tales: General Notes

What to expect?

The performances will take place in an outdoor, lightly wooded area with uneven ground. Please wear appropriate footwear!

The play is a guided tour through the Fairy Forest. Only very limited seating will be available at individual scenes. The audience will be standing for most of the time. (Feel free to bring a foldable camping stool!)

The performance will have a total runtime of approx. 2h. This may vary depending on group size and the time it takes to walk from scene to scene.

What about the weather?

Please check weather forecasts and official warnings for thunderstorms and heavy winds. In the case of official storm warnings, the performance will have to be cancelled. If a performance is cancelled, we will announce it on busc.de and social media.

In the case of rain, the performances will take place, so bring a jacket and umbrella.

As the performances will take place outdoors, make sure to wear appropriate and weatherproof clothing.

What about hygiene precautions?

We want you to feel safe and comfortable so we have prepared the following guidelines:

Please arrive early, as we can admit only a limited number of audience members.

Please maintain distance and wear face masks in the queue.

We encourage audience members to wear mouth-nose-protection during the entire play. If you feel the need to take your mask off, please ensure sufficient distance to the rest of the audience.

To make contact tracing possible, we need to record your contact details. To make this as efficient as possible, please print and fill out this form and bring it to the performance: Click Here!

How to get there?

The performances will take place at „Grüne Spielstadt“ in Bonn Dransdorf. The entrance is at the intersection of the roads “An der Schwarzen Brücke” and “Im Dransdorfer Feld”.

By bus: Take the line 610 or 611 to either “An der Dransdorfer Burg” or “Hans-Sachs-Straße”. From there, it’s a five minute walk to Grüne Spielstadt.

Arrival by train: Take the S23 from Bonn HBF (Platform 5) to “Endenich Nord”. From there, it’s a ten minute walk to Grüne Spielstadt.

By car: Limited parking is available in the vicinity of Grüne Spielstadt, but there are no parking spaces directly at the location. Please keep this in mind when planning your arrival by car.

Join us for the “Faeries & Tales” Tour:
September 4, 19:00
September 5, 13:00
September 5, 18:00
September 6, 18:00
Grüne Spielstadt Dransdorf
Tickets only available at the evening box office.
Evening Box Office opens approx. 45 min. before the start of the play.