Bonner Theaternacht 2016

Die Bonn University Shakespeare Company ist mittlerweile nicht mehr von der Bonner Theaternacht wegzudenken und steuerte auch 2016 wieder drei Stücke bei!

Unter dem Motto “Nothing is as it seems” präsentieren wir euch folgende Beiträge:

The Grand Inquisitor, ein Kapitel aus Dostojewskis Roman “Die Brüder Karamazow”, Regie: Mike Nyandieka
Ort? Theaterstudio
Zeit? 20.50 – 21.10 / 21.30 – 21.50

Overruled von George Bernard Shaw, Regie: Anjishnu Bandyopadhyay
Ort? Theaterstudio
Zeit? 22.50 – 23.10 / 23.30 – 23.50

Much Ado about Nothing basierend auf Shakespeare, Regie: Tracy Tollmann
Ort? Theatersaal
Zeit? 00.00 – 00.20

Overruled by George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Anjishnu Bandyopadhyay
In this adaptation of Shaw’s one-act comedy, set in the wild seventies, two couples meet – and discover new aspects of their personalities: Before long, the perfectly ordinary people feel attracted to each other in a very unexpected way. The two wives fall in love with each other and the husbands likewise feel drawn together. How will these hardly unconventional couples deal with this situation?

Much Ado about Nothing, based on Shakespeare

Directed by Tracy Tollmann

Here, one of the classics of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies got drastically reduced and modernized. Within a short time the characters scheme, fall in love, quarrel and manipulate. The rich villain Don John and his devoted servant Lackey try to destroy the treacly cute love of Hero and Claudio, who themselves want their best friends to hook up: Even though Beatrice and Benedick are secretly love-struck with each other, they would never admit it! And finally Dogberry… well, Dogberry just wants to be understood.
Join us on this fast-paced rollercoaster of love!



The Grand Inquisitor based on a chapter of Dostoyevsky‘s novel „The Brothers Karamazov“

Directed by: Michael Nyandieka

Sevilla in the 15th century. It is the time of the Spanish Inquisition. A man performing miracles gives the people hope – but is arrested on order of the Grand Inquisitor. But this stranger is in fact Jesus Christ, returned to earth. The Grand Inquisitor proceeds to question him and confronts him with the failure of mankind.